Sunday, 21 October 2018

The NPC Meme!!!


It is only a success because of the people who the meme makes fun off, are actually proving its point, over and over again.
NPC, that means the non-player character, is usually used to refer to characters in computer games that are not controlled by the player, yet it is controlled by the computer and has a predictable behaviour.
It is obvious that Hollywood, late-night comedians and the rest of the so-called news media are just bots now, just repeating slogans and talking points daily. There's no news anymore, just gossip and 'conversations' about the news. Because it's cheaper and gets more ratings.

"I believe all women"

"Diversity is our Strength"

"Abolish ICE!"

"Rape is bad"

"The Future is Female"

"Russia! Russia! Russia!"

"You're a Nazi!!!"

Andrew Breitbart said that if the media can't provide legitimate information to the people then destroy any legitimacy of all information they provide.

Can you tell which is real?

Social media comments can no longer be identified as real or troll anymore. 

This is the actual meaning of the NPC MEME.

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