Friday, 1 June 2018

Roseanne Barr is only human

A Human Being

This is just how people are, people are stupid, confused, and we make very bad choices when drunk or taken shitty meds. In her case, it was the latter.

Roseanne said something, a stupid joke. Although mean, & a little racist maybe, but does the punishment fit the crime? Her show got cancelled, she got fired, she's being labelled a racist.

People need to chill. We all have a good side and a bad side. But there's a stupid side in between.

When people act out what their good or bad sides are telling them, they tilt more towards it and somewhat permanently.

But most of what we do just comes from the middle, neither sides are involved because we don't make a conscious choice in doing or saying it.

When you do something bad, you know you're doing it because you choose to do it and when you do something good you know you're doing it because you choose to do it.

We usually aren't smart enough to say only the correct things and never the wrong things. We need to be allowed to be dumb. And sometimes, we do or say things that make you think where did that come from? I would never do that sober.

It's about choice. People need to understand that this is how human beings behave.

As soon as we hear some trigger words, we fly off the handle and assume the worst.

Why can't we just start with this:

1. People are dumb and they say dumb shit.

2. People need to say ten dumb things just to say one smart thing.

3. 99% of people live in the realm of stupidity, not good or evil.

4. Thou shall not judge.

If we do that then we can act more appropriately in these situations rather than just overreacting and having a fit over every little thing.

If this is the standard then everyone would be in jail or running scared or stitching up their lips.

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