Wednesday, 16 May 2018

The death of the boy scouts

Boy, Scouting. XD

When a society becomes blind to the needs of the children, particularly the boys, they are headed for trouble.

All this because of a cultural shift away from family, the father, the boy, masculinity and the man.

I hope people are taking a good look at this because future historians will look back and wonder, what the 'fook' were we doing? And why? This isn't a feminist win. The most feminized countries have the highest numbers of boy suicides.

Boys are boys, they need space alone with other boys. Sometimes girls aren't welcome in all spaces.

Men, women & 'others', they all want to take over everything.

It's not a gendered issue, the death of the boy scouts signifies the death of good and victory of evil.

Dr Jordan B. Peterson says that it's like we're living in a 13year old girls dream. I mean, can this be any truer.

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