Wednesday, 23 May 2018

That 'Thot' Girl

Thot girl?
"Ugh!... these thots are everywhere!"

A comment you'd probably have heard if you have ever seen a girl-gamer streaming on Twitch.

Personally, I was one of those guys that would look at a girl streamer and if there ever was any cleavage, and there always was cleavage (and lot's of it), then I would instantly be like "SLUT!" (in my head, and sometimes in the comments) , I'm not proud of that.  To be fair I was sixteen. I didn't know any better.

There's a Dave Chappelle joke, where he says and I'm paraphrasing, "girl's if you don't want us to call you a ho, then don't wear the uniform".

The thing is, our natural response to gamer girls who wear intentionally revealing clothes that show a lot of skin is to call her slut or ho. But, that's because our basic instincts tell us to judge.

Making judgements is how we categorise people into trustworthy and not trustworthy. It's kinda important if you want to know who to rely on. One of the ways we do this is by assuming things about a person from their looks and the first impression. It's sorta like a shoot-first-and-ask-later instinct.

Judgement comes first, then we impart some form of 'justice', which in many cases is a sort of revenge. Justice and revenge interlink in an odd way. That's when the name calling starts.

It's not ok. I have since realised that most of how we behave is 'sinful', like in the bible. Judging people is wrong, we don't have a right to do that. You must change yourself and set a good example for others by being better than a primitive, selfish, reactionary, lonely, miserable, hate-filled, angry and scared animal.

We can do better.
"More harm is done when we sin ourselves than if we ever pass a judgement"

"Half the aggressive tweets using the words slut and whore analysed by social thinktank Demos came from women and girls, research indicates." Read More   ....Just a side note ; )

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