Friday, 4 May 2018

Let's talk about school shooters, without the gun debate!

Let's talk about school shooters, without the gun debate!

Every year more and more school shootings are taking place.

Every time it happens we keep scapegoating the real problems in society, we keep avoiding the main issues, we keep doing things that don't work. 

Maybe it's just easier to blame guns, anti-social behaviour, porn .... and the list goes on. Feminists pounce on the opportunity and blame men & boys and their 'toxic masculinity'. 

All of the media takes an outrage pill and start ranting and rambling. 

Lobby groups in DC start hovering over like vultures, waiting for a chance to swoop down and take a piece. Most of the kids in the 'March For Our Lives' don't even know what the 2nd Amendment is or what the debates surrounding gun-control are. They just know, that their teachers say guns are bad, so guns must be bad. They don't know any better.

One little girl at the march was interviewed on TV, she understood that guns could also be used for protecting people, but her teacher came and shut her up immediately. That's the kind of brainwashing that goes on.

But let's talk about mental health please, because that seems to be at the heart of the problem even though you don't see many debates on it. It's always about the Guns, never about the persons perpetrating it.

We never talk about the fact that most of these school shooters are either on or are coming off of psychiatric drugs.

“As a forensic psychologist, I have tested/evaluated 30 teenage and young adult murderers, and almost all of them had been in some kind of ‘treatment,’ usually short-term and psychoactive drug-oriented, before they killed.”David Kirschner, Ph.D., New York psychologist

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".....36 school shootings and/or school-related acts of violence have been committed by those taking or withdrawing from psychiatric drugs....." read more

Why are we treating boys like they are 'defective girls' and 'treat' them with ADHD medication when they behave like boys are supposed to?

This is a shameful state of affairs when we medicate so many boys in the US just for being boys so that they're 'easier to manage'.

Their whole life boys get told that they are the cause of all that's evil in the world, we blame them when they rough-and-tumble play and punish them as they exhibited 'violent behaviours', we treat little boys like potential rapists, and have campaigns that apparently 'teach our boys not to rape' and finally to put an icing on the cake we medicate the hell out of them because they have too much energy and get distracted after sitting in class for 7 hours. THEN WE GO AHEAD AND BLAME GUNS.

Newsflash, America has always had guns, lots of them and we never had a problem with school shootings before. 

But America never had such an unprecedented hatred for men & boys and a general breakdown of the family.

Those are the things we need to talk about .... and we aren't doing it.... and maybe we never will.
"May God Have Mercy On Us"

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