Thursday, 10 May 2018

A recession? Don't worry we'll just print some degrees!

Is a college degree worth it?

I was reading an article, and it said that the government was planning to have universities give out more degrees to students in order to boost the economy.

Just like they would announce a tax cut or more stimulus.

President Obama wanted to have the united states to have the most number of graduates in order to bring about economic prosperity.

Umm... maybe the increase in sales of gowns and beer would boost the economy. I don't know, maybe that's his plan.

I do not see how throwing a piece of paper with words and symbols printed on them to students is going to solve what's really wrong with the economy.

Farmers with PH.Ds in physics still can only grow so many potatoes. After a while, the number of degrees a farmer has becomes inversely proportional to the number of potatoes he can dig up.

Having a degree means nothing if the skills you learned can't produce anything sufficient.

"A college degree is the new high school diploma. An education should be available to all regardless of anyone’s economic situation" - Bernie Sanders, a cool grandpa & Senator

I agree with the second part of that, but not the first.

The failure to raise the educational level of a country as a whole is a recipe for economic decline.

Reading, Writing, Speaking.... If you can get people to do that properly, then we can have a real and lasting economic prosperity.

A clip from Peter Schiff's Youtube Channel (Disclaimer: I do not own this Video)

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