Sunday, 20 May 2018


It's the same everywhere
"Social Works!
.....until the people run out of money"

The entire criticism of Socialism is predicated on the idea of mismanagement.

Do you trust a bunch of random people to run the country who get off on having power over you?

Oh, it won't be random? Would we actually 'elect' our representatives?

Let's have a test, name the current President.
Now, name your mayor.
See if you can name at least 10 congressmen.

Most people won't even be able to answer beyond the first question.

We know who really runs the country. The corporate special interests.

The politicians in the west have created "Capitalist-Socialism" by creating a large welfare state, all paid for by the fruits of capitalism, cheap products from China and India, and a whole lot of money printing.

At first glance, 'Successful Long-term Socialism' seems to have been a success in Scandinavian countries, but the truth is very different from the picture the media and academics will give you.

Most western countries are broke, they all have deficits and they all are running on borrowed time.

They are broke and have been broke for a while now, but by a careful sleight of hand of the Central Banks and Global Monetary Policies, they have been able to keep their countries on a permanent morphine drip.

But the cancer is growing, and it's not obvious how to stop it anymore.

Concepts like sound money, personal financial responsibility, and a culture of trust and charity have all been forgotten and it is showing no signs of return.

Until we get our act straight, we will keep voting for more handouts that require more money printing, which inevitably make the rich richer and poor poorer, and it will ultimately do us in.

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