Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Why are internet podcasts a thing?

Internet Podcasts

Why are internet podcasts a thing?

In the age of the internet, high-speed connectivity, HD-video streaming, we still listen to the radio, and if you’re a millennial then you're probably listening to internet podcasts, the radio of the internet.

Why not watch programs on an HHDDDD high pixel diamond glass cut silver…blah..blah 3D interface G-Glass touchscreen?

It’s probably because we, humans have been listening for hundreds of thousands of years, reading and writing for a couple thousand years, and seeing moving pictures for around a 100 years.

It is far more natural for us to learn by listening than by watching videos on youtube.

Don’t listen to people who say that this generation has a short attention span, 30 million people listen to a 3-hour long conversation between two people every month with the Joe Rogan Podcast.

"Joe Rogan gets 30 Million Podcast downloads per month"

But, if you look at BuzzFeed-type videos or Michale Bay Transformers-type movies, it’s all short and fast, bright lights and loud noises to keep us interested for an hour and a half. We keep yawning at these movies now, but we can’t seem to look away. Like a cat chasing a red-dot-light up the wall.

This gives off an impression that today’s kids all have a short attention span. That’s not the case, the environment is just off, and people are looking for some normalcy.

"This is why radio and radio-like programs will always be there"

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