Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Climate change advocate or climate change fanatic?

Climate change advocate or climate change fanatic?

In the near future, rising sea levels are going to drown Miami Beach, Florida.

That may or may not be true, but what’s astounding is the fact that people believe that a few government diplomats in Paris signing a few things scribbled on a piece of paper is going to solve this.

If Miami is going under, then the mayor of Miami and the Governor of Florida need to get together and make a plan. Other cities have made tidal flood barriers and reduced new construction near beaches. Nothing in Paris is going to do anything about it.

Here is the real reason why Miami is sinking. The groundwater has been drained at an unimaginable rate, too many buildings and too soft soil. All across the world where there are similar conditions, the land sinks. When you construct on sand and soft soil, that's what you get.

Society changes and progresses when new ideas are tested. The good ideas work and the bad ideas fail. The free market of ideas need to be preserved and must remain free for society to ever benefit from the good ones.

I was convinced that caring about Global Warming should become a law, unquestioned and unchallenged. Such was my indoctrination.

Then a conservative author Mark Steyn, from Canada knocked some sense into me, he said, “Only a bad idea needs to be protected from any criticism”.

That shook me to my core, I started noticing the entire Mainstream media’s clear bias to this, now in my view, unproven and shaky ‘fact’.

Straight off the bat, let me say “GLOBAL WARMING IS REAL”.

But, Global Warming has always been ‘REAL’, it’s always been happening, all throughout the life of the planet. The only difference is that it’s slightly faster now.

The question now is what can we do to stop it? Is it stoppable? What if we all held our breath forever, would that be enough?

The last one is a real question. No scientist has been able to quantifiably say whether or not Global Warming will stop if we all stopped breathing. That’s because there are man-made factors and natural factors pushing global warming.

The simple question that no one is talking about is if we control the man-made factor contributing to Global Warming, reducing it all the way to ZERO, will it stop Global Warming then? And, the answer is NO.

The natural factors will still push us towards the GW limit and the Planet will have another Cycle of Climate Change as it always has had.

This is very important to understand because all our Climate Change policies are based on badly exaggerated assumptions.

But, that’s not the real problem. The REAL PROBLEM is that there is no discussion on the matter, none whatsoever.

The climate system of this planet is too complex and cannot be pushed into policy making because of a few slogans by Al Gore. Not without vigorous debate.

At this point, it’s fair to state why I don’t support any of the Climate Change Policies. That’s simple, they don’t work. Period. The Climate Change Policies simply don’t work. All these policies do is make the rich richer and the poor poorer.

Let’s look at CARBON TAXES as an example.

The largest Oil & Gas Companies are pushing for Carbon Taxes, isn’t that interesting?
Any kind of tax is bourne not by the companies but by the end users, us, the people who use oil and gas. Our bills go way up, just look at Canada, the Trudeau government imposed a carbon tax and the people are going bankrupt just paying the bills.

All Carbon Taxes do is make the gas and oil more expensive, which means that people have to pay more. Not a single penny is lost by the corporations. In fact, they gain more revenue because of the structure of the Carbon Taxes and method of revenue collection of the Oil & Gas companies, in the long run, they actually profit from taxing themselves. Not to mention running their smaller competitors out of business.

"However, if this reduces greenhouse gasses then it should be alright…. right?"

Umm, well, it doesn’t reduce carbon emissions, it just reduces jobs. A cell phone still takes a couple hours to charge, and we still need to use the street lights for at least 10–12 hours a night.

We need to reduce global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by about 50% by the year 2050. We simply don’t have the technology necessary to reduce emissions this much, this quickly. And even if we did, no scientists can definitively say if it would ‘stop’ global warming. I mean NASA forgot to include THE OCEAN in its climate models for decades, which gave incorrect predictions of the future, these were used by Al Gore and others for their ‘documentaries’.

“THE OCEAN ATE MY GLOBAL WARMING!” T-shirts were selling like hot cakes that year.

Just to be clear again, Global Warming is happening, there’s no doubt. Whether we can do anything about it, and how much can we do, is what we need to know.

How can we slow Global Warming?

No one has a definitive answer. There are plenty of assumptions and theories but no clear answer. This is very important because many believe as do I, that the better way to combat Climate Change is with innovations in Alternative Energy and better Recycling Techniques and Fuel Efficiency Goals, not by job-killing policies that cripple industries, stifle growth and innovation, and pretty much seal our fate because it does nothing to reduce carbon or any other kind of pollution.

What makes me mad is that such policies are being pushed on us by the Politicians backed by Global Corporations who will benefit from our naivety. So much of taxpayers’ money has gone to shell companies that re-route money back to big oil. These are very confusing times and people may be making the wrong decisions on how to combat this threat.

Don’t slap a carbon tax, just leave the capital in the hands of the companies and give them an emission goal they have to abide by. This will boost the need to get better more efficient machines and create jobs in the process. If every factory has an emission standard to abide by then it will incentivize the innovation of more fuel-efficient machines & tech.

Tesla is already revolutionizing the battery industry, although they are only achieving this by government backing and some very rich investors, it still gives us some hope.

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