Friday, 6 July 2018



Walk away from the Democrats.

This movement was started by Brandon Straka, a New York hairdresser and aspiring actor. Straka was once a liberal, but now he is not.

“If you are a person of colour, an LGBT person, a woman or an American immigrant, the Democratic Party wants you to know you are a victim” -Brandon

And millions of people are posting their #walkaway videos online but the MSM is downplaying it like it's of no consequence. I believe that they really believe that their daily poisonous vitriol is somehow an appropriate responsible behaviour.

No one likes to hate, at least not for too long, people move away from it. People are naturally repelled by it.

Even Hitler had to convince the Germans that they were the victims of Jewish communists, in order to get them on his side, otherwise, the Germans would not see any point to his ideas.

Hate is not natural, it is always a response to something else, Anger.

Angry, hateful people full of resentment cannot see properly at what they do, they flail about erratically like an angry child.

No one likes to be around grown angry adult-children.
The party of the Democrats have become the party of
Which is why people are walking away from it.

Sunday, 1 July 2018

I spent a week locked in my room playing video games

Back in the old days, video games were simple, they had fewer ultra pixels, like 0.000001 ultra pixel.

Games were long, they were designed to keep you playing for days, months and even years.

The old school RPG style was a classic. It would make you play it once then just when you think it's over, TWIST!!!, time warp! ...replay with 2x speed... to finally win the first time. Then once you'd finished the first time, you can unlock features that let you play forever.....

These days as soon as the game is over we get a generic cinematic that shows everything is gonna be ok, and the credits start rolling with a trailer for the next game. They want you to buy the next title in the series, so you spend more money on them.

What's happening in some shoot-em-up Xbox games and similar games on android is just hilarious, they actually stop you from playing too much.

In these games, you get an energy bar for the day and when it finishes, you can't play anymore for the day, as in, the developers decided that if you are having too much fun playing their game, it is unacceptable. XD ROFL!

The whole logic is to dish out the whole game slowly because you can pretty much finish the game in a day or two otherwise, and also you can 'purchase more energy' at the store with real money.

But all these really put you off from playing the game altogether. However, there is a small minority of gamers who are not opposed to buying some more play time with their credit cards. Fair enough, but developers have to walk that fine line between allowing for a paced gaming experience and just being annoying.

I used to spend a whole week locked in my room playing video games. Just mindless fun and entertainment.

I don't think I can do that anymore...
...and thank God for that

Thursday, 21 June 2018

What's happening to video games?

A new generation of gaming?

Maybe just lazy generic scriptwriting now, it could have something to do with the fact the most of the games have these 'Creative Directors' who are mostly, if not all, women. I suspect they don't even particularly like gaming. They just play 'casually' and in their free time fight the patriarchy.

It seems that all games now have to have a mandatory LGBT character, a female lead and a female villain too.

They don't do a good job at directing anything, they just hang around and force developers to do shit jobs on these games. Just look at their faces, they all clearly have a biased view of what they like and they couldn't get hired in anything actually related to gaming, so they just mess up a perfectly good system, Lara Croft... Pants, do you see where I am going with this.

Mass Effect: Andromeda got a trans NPC. The first words out of it were "I AM TRANS!" ....WTF!? why is that even necessary? They changed it later when they realised that everyone does not live in their little bubble.

That's the problem, it's virtue signalling, in Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and now even in the Gaming Industry. This is not happening organically, this is being forced on the industry and on us gamers.

WTF!?..... no wonder

"America is done, it''s done now"

I can't even find any more good decent playable game anymore. Everything seems like a movie now, these days we have movie-games, where the whole game is a movie and you need to pick the right answers to advance, WTF!?!?!?

Where's the hack and slash mindless madness of THE GRIND? The whole point of playing a game in the good old days was the Grind. The experience of achieving a seemingly impossible victory was all a gamer ever lived for. That's why games were addictive, particularly to the boys.

The developers have been told that the so-called 'new' audience does not 'like' the grind and would prefer an easier more emotional 'experience'.

There are no more action-games only 'experience-games' where they pull at your heartstrings more than they let you shoot things.

At a point, you get tired of this, you get exhausted. I don't need an emotional roller coaster every freaking time I load up.

I need some mindless grinding ; ) after a hard day of work.

One good thing out of this may be that games would become less and less addictive, and maybe that's a good thing. Maybe not getting attached to a game too much is a good thing. Maybe accidentally, we just put a stake through the heart of the gaming vampire that was sucking the blood out of our kids.

I predict that if we keep going down this way, games would lose their ability to addict people to it like they used to, no more week long binges, no more cosplay, no more skipping school to play video games....I'm being too hopeful.

Kids will find something else to waste time with.

You can really see this in the growing genre of MOBA and Battle Royale style games where competition, teamwork and the mindless quick grind is still what is attracting players. Some games are having daily millions of players online at a time. There is no emotional roller coaster, it's full of glitches and each game is timed, and the gamers really enjoy playing and leave happy.

There's no social message, there's no forced rewriting of history (Battlefield V....i'm so mad at you)

Fortnight is a perfect example. Everyone plays, both the new-breed and the old dogs because it's just mindlessly fun and entertaining.

"The basic attraction of video games never change, things just get added to it..."